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Consultancy and supply of building materials

We have been supplying construction products throughout the Venetian territory for over 30 years

  • For restoration there are the normal products called binders (cement and mortar), sand, gravel and all the bricks that are used to restore degraded walls and walls.

  • All products are stored on our quay over 100 m long and served by 5 hydraulic excavators that fill or unload the boats to supply construction companies within the Venetian lagoon area.

  • Our boats are equipped with a crane that positions all the materials along the banks: for particular jobs we have boats and motor pontoons capable of satisfying the most difficult and demanding needs.

  • We are able to supply and recommend all so-called “remedialproducts and everything specific to eliminating humidity and making the home as dry as possible.

  • We also have the entire production of insulating and waterproofing sheaths and insulating systems, with the quality certification of each individual product attached.

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Consultancy and supply of building materials


Transport of goods for third parties by boats and trucks


Consultancy and supply of building materials

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